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Best Pumpkin Patches in the SF Bay Area to Visit

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Best Pumpkin Patches in the SF Bay Area to Visit

Paula Gaston

Ever since we had kids, we have become a huge fans of visiting pumpkin patches in October. It has become our family tradition to drive over to California’s famous Pacific Coast Highway to get pumpkins and enjoy a day at a beach. We love the old farm atmosphere and will always choose these old fashioned pumpkin patches over the ones with bumpy houses and ponies. There is just something about the hay pyramids and corn mazes that the inflatable toys can’t beat. Also, I always like to buy more than just traditional pumpkins for carving. I usually get small decorative pumpkins, and some butternut squash and spagetti squash for us to eat. We also have couple nice smaller patches closer to where we live, and we often go there after school just to play. If you are visiting California in October, make sure to visit a pumpkin patch to get into a harvest time spirit.


This has been our favorite pumpkin patch for years now. There are many pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay, but if you drive little further on Pacific Coast Highway, you will come to Bob’s Pumpkin Farm. It is always less crowded than the ones along the 92, and they have many different kinds of pumpkins to offer. We have taken several family pictures by the old, rusty truck parked in the middle of the patch. Some of the pumpkins are still attached to ground since this is the actual pumpkin field. So be prepared to get a little dirty while finding your right pumpkin. They also have a hay pyramid and a picnic area. Our kids favorite part is visiting the section with farm animals. We love this place!

Half Moon Bay also hosts a Pumpkin Festival in October. It is a great event and we used to go every year until it started to get too crowded. If you don’t mind sitting in a traffic to get there, definitely check out the festival as well. Otherwise, pick some other weekend for going to Half Moon Bay.

Bob’s Pumpkin Farm is at Cabrillo Highway (Hwy. 1)

One of the best pumpkin patches in the Bay Area for sure; Bob’s Pumpkin Farm

One of the best pumpkin patches in the Bay Area for sure; Bob’s Pumpkin Farm


This year we decided to try something else since the small road to Half Moon Bay has a lot of traffic during weekends and is often slow. Instead, we drove down to Santa Cruz and visited Rodoni Farms Pumpkin Patch. It was a really nice place with a lot of different kinds of pumpkins, and everything was organic! Also this farm is so big that it doesn’t feel crowded even with a lot of people there. They had many things for kids; some old tubes to crawl into, hay bales here and there and photo spots with scary cutouts. But the best part was definitely the huge corn maze they had. It was my first time doing the corn maze and it was so much fun! We loved getting lost in it! Visiting the pumpkin patch is free, but they did charge $5 per person for the maze. Our toddler was free.

Rodoni Farms Pumkin patch is at 4444 Hwy 1, Santa Cruz

Rodoni Farm in Santa Cruz

Rodoni Farm in Santa Cruz



This farm is really close to us and we have been going here for years. It shares a parking lot with Ardenwood Historic Farm which is a regional park. Pumpkin patch is not huge but if you go during the week early, it is not too crowded. It used to be free during the week and $1 entrance fee on weekend, but this year we went on Saturday it seemed to be free. We often go here just to play after school and to get some fresh butternut squash for soup. You could also visit Ardenwood Farm on a same day if you want to spend more time outdoors. They have lots of farm animals, picnic areas and program for kids throughout the day. It is separate from the pumpkin patch and they do have an entrance fee. This year it seemed like they downsized the pumpkin patch a little. They didn’t have the usual pumpkin house or the hay pyramid. They did have a maze and a play area for toddlers though, but I have heard a rumour that they might discontinue the pumpkin farm. My kids will be so disappointed if that happens.

J.E. Perry Pumpkin patch is at 34600 Ardenwood Blvd, Fremont

Pumpkin house at J.E. Perry Farm

Pumpkin house at J.E. Perry Farm

If you are living or visiting San Francisco Bay Area during October, wait for a sunny and beautiful day and head over to one of these farms. How can you not have fun with this?

Happy Halloween to everyone!