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Why Travel to California in October

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Why Travel to California in October

Paula Gaston

I have probably mentioned many times already, that after I moved to California, the fall has become my favorite time of the year. It is still quite warm and sunny here, but not too hot. The fall colours and harvest decorations are everywhere. Different kinds of pumpkins and corn are put in to peoples' yards, and there are many kinds of events at the vineyards. I think it is absolutely the best time for visiting California!

Kids are of course waiting for Halloween, which is celebrated on the last day of October. Halloween starts the holiday season. Soon after that, there is Thanksgiving, and not long after is already Christmas and New Years. Pumpkin patches will be opening right at the beginning of October and we usually visit them a few times during the month. Among the decorative pumpkins, you can also buy some edible ones as well as some corn to make popcorn. Corn is a very common decoration in the fall. My favorite squash is the butternut squash, which makes an excellent soup. Pumpkin patches usually have many activities for kids, and while they get to be outdoors, they also get a little bit of exercise. 



Also, don't forget the fall treats like pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. They are often served on the holiday feasts with other pies and other breads. Pies are served with whipped cream and as a dessert while pumpkin-, zucchini- and babana bread are eaten with the food. You can tell that the fall has arrived when the pumpkin pies can be found from the grocery stores. 

If possible, you should also head to California's wine country. The harvest season is the best time to visit wineries. Many of them have special events during this time. You might be lucky and get to go pick or stomp some grapes, and join the harvest festival. Just remember to book your hotel room early, since this is the high season for the wine areas. 


October ends on Halloween evening. Many people already start to celebrate on the weekend before, especially if you go out to the night clubs. So much fun! Americans love to dress up and wear their halloween costumes everywhere; home, work and parties. And they really go all out when planning their costumes. The actual Halloween evening is dedicated to kids who will go "trick or treating" from door to door. Some houses have over the top decorations with music and smoke, and might be too scary for the little ones. There is usually a haunted house close to our neighborhood which is built on a cul de sac of houses every year. I am waiting to visit it again.

Another sign of the arrival of fall is the cheaper flights. After August the prices go down for the winter and you might find some pretty good deals. So definitely the best time to come visit California!

Happy Halloween!