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What All Can Go Wrong Before Our Trip

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What All Can Go Wrong Before Our Trip

Paula Gaston

That long awaited day is here! Tomorrow we start our journey from Silicon Valley to Europe... at least I hope so! But like many times, things haven't gone so smoothly. When you travel with kids there are so many things that can go wrong, but that is not the only thing threatening our trip. Well what else can there be? 

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay


Oh well, this is the classic case. A day before we are supposed to leave, our daughter wakes up with a tummy ache and starts going to the bathroom every five minutes. Maybe a bladder infection? All I can do is to reach out on my phone and call the doctor, but the timing couldn't be better. Today we were supposed to pack, do some last minute shopping, and other things. But let's try to stay positive; We would rather take a bladder infection than stomach flu or something that would prevent us from flying. 


The Finnish weather is showing us its best side. Part of May, and the beginning of June have been beautiful in Finland, warmer than California in fact. But the headline in the newspaper went something like this: "Everything you don't want in midsummer weather". So we are expecting thunder, heavy rains and cold weather. On Wednesday we are taking a smaller plane to get to my hometown, and of course for that day they predict high winds. Yay! Oh well, is there anything good in this? The midsummer weekend we are probably still jet lagged, so we are happy just to spend time with family and friends, not matter if it's indoors or outdoors. Maybe later we will get to enjoy some sun. 


The weekend goes really fast when you are trying to prepare yourself for a longer trip. We have done some last minute shopping and cleaning. My husband has stressed out about work, since it is not very common to take this long of a vacation in the U.S. He will come home before us though. And that's how it often is, the last days at work before vacations are super busy when you are trying to make sure everything is taken care of. Anything positive in this? Well, maybe he can finally relax when we get to Europe and let loose. And it's always good to remember that the family is most important! 


In last week's Finish news it was expected that the airport workers would strike. Then the strike was moved from last week to this Tuesday (our travel day) and then to Thursday. Even though the strike would have started on Thursday, some airlines might start cancelling flights as early as Tuesday. Great! I find it difficult to say anything positive about this, for us anyway. How about some excitement on our trip?

Finnish news article about Finnair's possible flight cancellations

Finnish news article about Finnair's possible flight cancellations

So here are a few things to get you on high blood pressure meds before a trip. Let's hope everything goes well after all, and our vacation will be a successful one! Finland here we come!