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Pebble Beach, California - World's Most Beautiful Golf Course

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Pebble Beach, California - World's Most Beautiful Golf Course

Paula Gaston

Pebble Beach is in Monterey county, about an hour and a half drive from us. It is a wealthy community where the residents can enjoy the Pacific Ocean and multiple golf courses by their beautiful houses. The road going thru this area is private and you can get into the resort by paying a $10 (2016) fee. You can drive along the coastline thru the golf resorts and stop by beaches to enjoy the breathtaking view. The most famous residences in this area are those of Condoleezza Rice and Clint Eastwood, who used to serve as a mayor for the neighboring town Carmel-by-the-Sea.   

My first time at Pebble Beach was in 2011 when I participated in a field trip from my school. We were able to visit the luxurious The Lodge hotel, and had lunch at Stillwater Bar & Grill. This visit was very interesting. The hotel rooms were spacious and they had a view to the greens and the ocean. The restaurants were all beautiful. Golfing at Pebble Beach is legendary, and several US Opens have been played the, the latest being in 2010. 

View from a hotel room

View from a hotel room

My second time at Pebble Beach was a VIP-invitation to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. In the pro-am pro golfers challenge celebrities. We were able to follow golf with people like Tiger Woods, Bill Murray, Andy Garcia and Ray Romano, and enjoy a luxury VIP-area. 

After moving to California, we have brought most of our European guests to Pebble Beach. And that is what we did again. We drove thru the city of Monterey and saw some deer lost on the road, twice.

When we made it to the beach, all the dark clouds were gone. Once again, it was nice to see the reactions of our guests when we got there. Cameras were overheating and everyone was out of the car in a second! This place really never lets you down. The water is turquoise and sometimes you can see some seals. We also saw some Sandpipers on the beach, running aways from the waves. 

We stopped a few times at beaches and of course, at the Lone Cypress. The lone Cypress is a symbol of this area and most likely is around 250 years old. It stands alone on a rock in the middle of water and is quite a site to see. It is said to be one of the most photographed trees in America. Monterey cypress only grows in a couple places in California so it is not very common.

Lone cypress pieni.jpg

Depending on from where you start your 17 mile drive, you either see the resorts in the beginning or at the end. You can stop for lunch or for coffee, or even spend your savings in the pro-shop. Prices are high and I would recommend a reservation to restaurants, but I am pretty sure that you will not be disappointed. They do offer a lot of great seafood since we are close to the ocean. You should also stop by the little town of Carmel-by-the-Sea where the 17 mile drive ends. It is a bohemian yet very expensive beach town, which is a very popular tourist destination. It is also known to be an extremely dog friendly town.

These are the places you need to stop at!


  • Before visiting, find out when the golf tournaments are. During some tournaments parts of the 17 mile drive can be closed or limited
  • Bring some warm clothes, it is always windy at Pebble Beach
  • Red markings on the road will lead you thru 17 mile drive, you will also get a little brochure and a map when you pay the entrance fee
  • If you want to eat at one of the resorts, make a reservation beforehand and dress casually but nice
  • Don't forget your camera because this place is amazing!