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Dipping into a Hot Crater in Midway, Utah

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Dipping into a Hot Crater in Midway, Utah

Paula Gaston

Hearing some baby news from Utah a few days ago made me remember our trip over to a wedding in October. This was a family wedding in the beautiful Homestead Resort. 

We flew from San Jose to Salt Lake City and then drove down to visit some national parks. After a little loop in southern Utah we drove back up to Midway where the Homestead Resort is. Midway is a tiny and peaceful little town between the mountains, and it clearly had some European influences. Or what do you think about this clock on the city hall building?

We arrived at the wedding venue on Friday evening when the wedding was scheduled for Sunday, so we had some time to spend with the family and to see the sights. The resort had all kinds of activities from golf to gym, but we all were mostly fascinated by a caldera that was next to the resort parking lot. 

The caldera, or Homestead crater as the locals call it, has formed tens of thousand of years ago when the hot mineral water rised thru the soil. Water made a tunnel thru the rock and a hole on top of it. The hot spring is still at the bottom of the crater and still pumps water in it to keep it warm even during the cold and snowy winters. Homestead crater has become a tourist attraction but it is also a popular scuba diving site. They have found all kinds of historical things at the bottom of the crater that were lost there over the years. In the past people used to jump in thru the hole on top of the crater but later they build a tunnel that takes you to the receptionist at the bottom and to a little deck where you get into the water. Some Bachelor fans might even remember this place from the TV show a few years back. 

View from the top of the crater

View from the top of the crater

Since the crater is relatively small you need to make a reservation if you want to go swimming in it. For safety reasons they make you wear a life vest which seemed a little silly to me. However, pretty soon you notice that even though water is lovely and warm, it is tough to be swim around in it since you can't reach the bottom. In that sense the vest is handy because it helps you to float and you can relax a little. Swimming in a crater is special and unique and even though it was a little bit crowded, we enjoyed the experience.

On Sunday we participated to the wedding. It was a warm and sunny day, and the ceremony was held outside. The venue was very nice and with very little decor, they had caught the Southern ambiance. When the day started getting darker, we moved inside for dancing and for the wedding cake. Homestead Resort is a very nice choice for a weddings. The crown for this night was an absolutely stunning blood moon.