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Tokyo Moomin Cafe - Where Nobody Has to be Alone

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Tokyo Moomin Cafe - Where Nobody Has to be Alone

Paula Gaston

On our trip to Japan last November, we visited a Moomin Cafe at the Tokyo Dome. The Moomin Bakery & Cafe was a fun experience and especially our 4 year old daughter enjoyed it a lot. The idea of this cafe is that nobody is there alone. Different moomin characters circulate at the tables while the guests enjoy their food. Moomin is a cartoon character from my home country, Finland, and is extremely popular in Japan. Moomins are friendly little trolls who look like hippos, and live in Moomin Valley with their friends.

We walked in to the Moomin Cafe right between breakfast and lunch. We would have been ready to eat a meal, but we were told that lunch is not served yet, and we should choose something from the bakery. The great thing about the bakery is that most of the goodies they have are moomin themed. I ate a delicious cheese pie and Finnish star-shaped pie we usually bake during Christmas time. The rest of the family went for chocolate cakes. Also the food looked fun since they all were themed with moomins somehow. I even spotted some Finnish rye bread in the salad buffet. 

Snorkmaiden was sitting at our table, and I had a Hattifattener picture on my latte.

Snorkmaiden was sitting at our table, and I had a Hattifattener picture on my latte.

I really liked the decor in this cafe. It was almost like being in Finland, and being surrounded by moomins. The Snorkmaiden sat at our table for a while and so did the Sniff, until the waitresses moved them to another table. Our daughter also got to wear Moominpappa's hat for a while.

I heard that there are also other Moomin Cafes in Tokyo. With a quick search I found one located in Tokyo SkyTree which is called Moomin House Cafe, and a Moomin store. Many people in Japan seemed to recognise the moomins on our daughters clothes or from a backpack we got from Finland. 

Before we left we stopped at a souvenir shop which was in the cafe. They had everything from moomin mugs to books and key chains. I was tempted to buy some moomin pasta which I had never seen before, but since our trip had just started and our backpacks were full, I decided to skip it. But I could totally recommend a visit to Moomin Cafe and to the Tokyo Dome. There were a lot of cool things here for kids like roller coasters and carousels, and many shops and restaurants. We could have stayed there even longer, but we wanted to move on to see other sights in Tokyo.