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Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

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Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

Paula Gaston

We already visited The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco few months ago. For some reason I have been waiting to write about it for a while even though it has been in my mind many times. Here are some of our experiences at this great little museum which is located right by the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The museum tells the story of Walt Disney all the way from a young man to the famous illustrator, animator and entrepreneur. At the same time the visitor will learn how the different Disney characters were born, and how the cartoons developed into the form we see them today. Walt Disney has been a great influencer of the enterntainment industry, and he has gotten 26 Academy Awards which is more than anyone else. He started his career by working on a school magazine a cartoonist, but in 1919 he decided to drop out of school and become an artist. He worked for many different companies before starting his own business together with his friend. The first Disney character he created was Alice's Wonderland, but before finding success the company filed for bankruptcy. In 1926 Walt decided to move to Hollywood to promote his career as a movie director, and started a new business with his brother; Walt Disney Studios. The first Alice movie was published. 

Alice's Wonderland was a great success, and Walt Disney was asked to design a show with the main character as a rabbit. That is how Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was born. Oswald didn't get very popular but Disney already had a new plan. Together with his friend Ub Iwerks he developed Mickey Mouse. Even though the movie companies were not very interested in Mickey Mouse at first, it become a huge success after being the first cartoon with a sound track. Disney's business expanded and he kept developing new characters. He also made new movies like The Three Little Pigs, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi and Dumbo. Walt Disney's career was sky rocketing. 

During World War II Disney made many other types of movies but then went back to making cartoons and released Cinderella. In the 1950's he started multiple TV shows and a Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. In 1966 he was planning on opening another theme park in Florida, but he unexpectedly died of lung cancer and the plan was forgotten for years. Before his death he released his most successful movie yet; Mary Poppins

Mickey Mouse after Walt Disney's death

Mickey Mouse after Walt Disney's death

The legacy of Walt Disney is still living strongly. The Walt Disney Company has been concentrating on the movie business, TV shows, theme parks and its resorts. They work in 40 different countries, have many many stores and even 11 theme parks. The headquarters is located in Burbank California, very close to Hollywood. Mickey Mouse is the main character and the mascot of the company. 

This museum, which is located at the Presidio in San Francisco, is not huge. We walked through it in a couple of hours, even though I can see people staying longer to watch many of the old films they show. Especially kids like to sit down to watch the cartoons every once in a while. The cafeteria downstairs sells some light lunch so we had some coffee and sandwiches before leaving. And don't forget to check the amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the other side of the building!