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The Most Popular Instagram Pictures of 2017

Travelblog Gone with the Wine

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The Most Popular Instagram Pictures of 2017

Paula Gaston

All these pictures are from my Instagram account. You can follow me @paulagaston


The year 2017 is ending soon which means people are summing up the highlights of their travel year in different posts. My summary is Instagram related, as I wanted to see which pictures on my account were the most popular ones. And here they are:




Morning swim at Clarion Hotel Helsinki's rooftop

Swimming after sauna and sauna after the swimming. The rooftop in January was cold, but at least the sauna made me warm again. This picture is from Helsinki, Finland, where I participated in the Nordic Travel Fair. A morning swim at sun rise really wakes you up!

It was also nice to visit my home country Finland!





Visit to the Instagram Headquarters in Silicon Valley

I was invited to the Facebook/Instagram Headquarters, and of course I went. We had lunch, toured around the campus and drove from one building to another by shuttle bus. I also saw Mark Zuckenberg. Since it is Instagram, there is of course some photo spots where we took some pictures. 

You can read more about life in Silicon Valley from here. 






At Alcatraz Island in San Francisco

In March we visited Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. The weather was nice and we had a lot of fun. The tickets to Alcatraz are sold out months before, so if you are planning to visit, make sure you book early.








Memories from lovely Stockholm

This post was inspired by a sad tragedy; a terror attack at Stockholm. Despite this, my own memories from this beautiful city are only positive and fun, and I hope to visit Sweden soon again. 







California road trip - Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Trees Park is in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. We spent a day in Joshua Tree National Park and saw some rare plants and animals.








Tightrope walker at Joshua Tree National Park

Both hikers and climbers love Joshua Tree National Park, and we saw multiple groups on the rocks. I bet this group was the most photographed, since they were doing tightrope walking. 







Pregnant blogger

This year has been different and very special to us. In the summer months we had to take a step back and relax since as you can see, my tummy got huge. This is at the end of my pregnancy in our yard in California. The whole time, I was feeling well, even though I wasn't able to travel as much as I did with my first pregnancy.

Read about travelling pregnant.






Point Reyes lighthouse in California

Point Reyes lighthouse is on California coast in the Point Reyes National Seashore. You can visit inside the lighthouse if you first descend 300 steps down. Just remember, you also have to use the same steps to get up. We have been there many times, and you can read about it here. I would recommend this place to anyone who loves outdoors.




A new family member

In August, during the American Solar Eclipse, our family grew with a little baby daughter. Now there is four of us conquering the world. Passports and papers are already ready for some future travels. New adventures are awaiting! 









Tarantulas in California's Golden Hills

In October you might see some tarantulas crawling around the California hills. They come out to find a mating partner. With this picture, I wanted to remind people about the post from last year when I went to hike to see some tarantulas. I was surprised to see that it was the most popular picture in October.







Lake Tahoe - The pride of California and Nevada

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is located in Northern California, on the border of Nevada and California. It is a popular skiing destination, but in summer time people can swim, hike and camp. The picture is from my post about Lake Tahoe.







December is not over yet so a picture will be added to this gallery later. Maybe it is the main picture of this post; the City Hall of San Francisco which was lit up in blue and white to honor Finland's centennial. (Photo credit: Paivi Hakala). Go check out my Instagram account @paulagaston, and like the picture from December that you think is the best!