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Best Kind of Christmas Morning in Finland

Paula Gaston

The day before Christmas Eve went by as we were trying get settled in to my parents house and meet the family. On Christmas Eve I woke up again at 4 am. Oh well, I got some time to read all the Finnish gossip magazines while others were still sleeping. Eventually my Christmas Eve started in the best possible way; a morning trail ride with a group of horse owners. Thank you again for organising that and letting me join with the lovely giant horse, Eldon. It was nice to ride old trails we used to go to and sing some Christmas songs while hearing the snow squeak under the hooves. You soon get used to the darkness outside and after the horses had been taken care of, we all were in great Christmas spirits. 

In the evening we met at my brother's house for dinner and to celebrate Christmas Eve. In Finland that is the big night that we are all waiting for and when we share some presents. In fact, we don't just share presents but Santa comes to your house and delivers the gifts. It is very exciting for the kids. For me, the most exciting thing was the traditional Christmas foods I had been craving for a long time already. I always try to cook some in California, but they never taste quite like my mom's of course. 

As I mentioned, traditionally Santa comes to your house in person and not thru the chimney in the middle of the night. I am not sure how we will explain this to our kids in the future. It will be tricky. Usually we have been spending Christmas with my husband's family where the gifts are opened on Christmas morning. I'm sure we will come up with some kind of a solution... maybe next Christmas!