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The Solar Eclipse Baby

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The Solar Eclipse Baby

Paula Gaston

This year was truly special in the sense that on August 21st there was a total solar eclipse in the US. The last total eclipse that crossed the whole country was seen here 99 years ago. The total eclipse was visible all across the country from Oregon to South Carolina, and many people traveled somewhere on the path of totality. Traffic jams were expected and many national parks were full of visitors. We probably would have driven to Oregon too to see this historical event, but we had another special thing happening at the same time. 

Instead of seeing the solar eclipse in person, we watched on TV at the birthing center of a local hospital. I was secretly a little bit envious of those who were able to watch it in different national parks, but the day was very special to us in other ways. Our little daughter (second one) was born on the very same day at 7.02 pm. So she truly is a solar eclipse baby. Everything went well, and now there is four of us!


By the time the baby was born, most of my friends' instagram accounts were full of solar eclipse pictures. Even in California one was able to see a partial solar eclipse if one looked for a spot with no clouds. When I was watching this from TV, I learned that there are people who actually chase after solar eclipses all over the world. For example, one couple had been to 14 different countries just to see a solar eclipse. I had never thought that I could travel to see that, but why not? I would love to see a solar eclipse on my vacation. The next total solar eclipse in the US is in 2024. Before that one can head to South America in 2019 or 2020, or to Antarctica in 2021. 


When you look at a solar eclipse, don't forget to protect your eyes with special glasses. Even a short moment looking directly at it might damage your eyes. They sold the glasses in many different places here, but a week before the eclipse they were all sold out. NASA was warning people about the glasses that didn't meet the proper standards, but were on sale widely across the country. Glasses safe for watching the solar eclipse were marked with the "ISO 12312-2" tag. In many cities different parks and libraries organised viewing parties and handed out free glasses.

But for a while now we will be focusing on this little bundle of joy instead solar eclipses, and we will be planning our future adventures a little bit later!