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Out with Baby - Skip Hop Diaper Bag Testing (+Discount Code)

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Out with Baby - Skip Hop Diaper Bag Testing (+Discount Code)

Paula Gaston

This post was done in collaboration with Mielikuvitusmaa, all opinions are my own. 

Now that we have a baby on board with our other daughter, I had to think about how to manage everything I need to carry with me. With the 5 year old you don't really need that much anymore, so I had put away most of the baby things. We would go out carrying a purse only where I could fit maybe some baby wipes and crayons. But now we need diapers, spare clothes and everything else a little baby might need. So it was time to find a new diaper bag which I could use for both daily life and traveling. 


A Finnish online store Mielikuvitusmaa sent me a Duo Signature diaper bag by Skip Hop to be reviewed. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and gotten familiar with it. The bag has nine individual pockets so it is not difficult to find spots for everything you carry with you. The side pockets close with magnets so they are perfect for mommy's own things like phones, keys, lip gloss and other things you need to find fast. You can put all the important papers, for example from a doctors visit, in the pocket with a zipper, and the big side pocket has a changing pad. At least for us, the changing pad is important since we go out a lot and travel, and we need something to protect the baby while changing her.  


I usually have the bag hanging from the stroller, so one of the most important things for a diaper bag is to have the clips so you will be able to hang it. Other than that I carry the bag on my shoulder so a good shoulder strap is a must. This bag has a padded shoulder strap which is great, and the strap can be removed as well, if you only want to use the hand straps. This bag is a little smaller than my previous one and is good for those who don't want to carry a giant bag with them. It comes with three different colours: Chevron (which I have), black and "hearts". 

One thing I really like in a bag is all the little clips where you can hang things from. This bag has them, and right now I have a travel size disinfectant bottle, and I often carry some sun lotion since we are in California after all. I always carry a water bottle with me which fits perfectly into the pocket meant for a baby bottle, since right now we don't need to carry a baby bottle with us. 

The only thing I was missing from this bag was a proper phone pocket, so it would be easy to find the phone in a hurry. Also, I would like the straps for attaching the bag to the stroller to be little bit longer. At least for my stroller, they fit, but are very tight. Maybe for some other strollers they might be a better fit. Otherwise, I really like this bag. It actually doesn't even look like a diaper bag, so I could use it even if I didn't have a baby. 



In case you would like to get this bag, you can get 20% off from the price with the code BLOGI17. This code is valid until the end of this month, October 31st, 2017. You will also get this discount from other normal priced Skip Hop products, as well as Hape, HABA, Anne&Mikael, Zoocchin, 3sprouts, WSOY, Tammi, Oppi&Ilon and PlanToys products. The orders are usually processed on the same or next day, so they are shipped relatively quickly.

You can also inquiry about shipping outside of Finland. There are many great local products on the website, and you can always leave a comment if you know a product you think they should start carrying.