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A Night at Seven Wives Inn, Utah

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A Night at Seven Wives Inn, Utah

Paula Gaston

Our road trip continued from Las Vegas via Hoover Dam to Utah. We had already driven 1440 kilometres (894 miles), and we still had a ways to go until our final destination in Utah. We had our fourth night ahead on this trip, and we had planned to stay in St. George which is in Southern Utah. Instead of a hotel, we had booked a room from a Bed & Breakfast called Seven Wives Inn. They had great reviews, and after Vegas we looked forward to staying in a place with a little more personality and quality. And we always love to explore different boutique hotels and other unique accommodations instead of chain hotels which all look the same. And the Seven Wives Inn really fulfilled our expectations.


As many of you probably know, Utah is known for the Mormons who practised polygamy before Utah became a state. Polygamy is marriage with multiple spouses, typically where a man can have multiple wives, but there have also been women marrying several men. Eventually, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS Church as it is known, started getting into trouble when the government set some laws against polygamy. The church finally renounced it in 1890, but there are still some people practising polygamy in Utah and neighboring states. So now, you must be guessing where the name of our Inn came from?!

The Seven Wives Inn has a long history. There are two separate houses and a cottage for guests to use. We stayed at the main house, which was built by Edwin G. Woolley in 1873. He hid some polygamists in the attic of the house after polygamy was outlawed in 1882. At the time, the house had a hidden door leading to the attic. One person hiding there was an ancestor of the innkeeper; Benjamin F. Johnson, who really had seven wives And that is where the Inn gets its name. The house next to it is called the President’s House, since many president’s of the Mormon Church used to stay there. Today the Inn is owned by a very nice couple who moved over from California, and who run the place with a big heart.


The rooms at the bed & breakfast have been named after the seven wives. We had originally booked a room called Jane from the attic, but we got a complimentary upgrade to a bigger room downstairs. We were told, that it would be more convenient with kids since the stairs up were quite narrow. That was very nice! The room we then got was called Lucinda, and it was also larger than Jane with a full size folding coach. The room price includes homemade breakfast, which is served daily in the dining room. In the evening we returned our breakfast sheet to the kitchen describing what we would like to eat, and we discovered that there was some coffee, tea and apple cider with homemade cookies for the guests.


Seven Wives Inn was a great experience and I can truly recommend this place. It had a lovely and peaceful ambiance, and the hostess was glad to tell us about the house and its history. Even though the building is old, it is well taken care of. Everything is very rustic. The price is obviously a little higher than an average hotel, which probably rules out some customers, and at first we were not sure if they even take families with kids. They do direct the families to call them instead of booking online. Guests are welcome to walk around the surroundings of the Bed & Breakfast, and in the summer time, they also have a pool. While visiting, I suggest you check out all the rooms where the doors are open. Down stairs they had a little library room and a room called Sarah, which had a vintage car as a bath tub. Quite interesting!


We continued our trip the next day rested and very happy! Our next stop was Cedar City, where we visited Cedar Breaks National Monument. More about that next time.