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Rock'n Rose Room in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri in Helsinki

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Rock'n Rose Room in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri in Helsinki

Paula Gaston

*Our trip was made possible by Radisson Blu Aleksanteri
but as always, all opinions are my own.

Our road trip in Finland continued on to Helsinki. We drove from my hometown, Kokkola to Heinävesi and visited the Valamo Monastery, and from there over to a summer cottage in Rääkkylä. We saw a Nightwish exhibition in Kitee, travelled to Vyborg, Russia via the Saimaa canal, and spent a day in Porvoo. It was time to go back to Helsinki, and why not since we were lucky to be able to test the famous Rock'n Rose Room at the Radisson Blu Aleksanteri.


We walk from the hotel lobby to a dark cellar floor. At the end of the hall way there is a room and on the door sign it says: Rock'n Rose Room. And in we go. The atmosphere in this room is as dark and mysterious as it was in the hallway. The walls are painted with burgundy and the base boards are golden coloured. Between the rooms there is a black velvet curtain. The cigar sofas invite us to sit down when we walk in. And then there is the center piece of the room: The real Elvis pinball game. Of course we have to try it right away! (And later too.) The room is decorated with copies of Remu Aaltonen gold records, with his guitars and some roses, of course. We had to admit to ourselves that the room is pretty cool! While I read the guest book about who else has stayed here, the rest of the family is playing pinball. I wonder if we will ever have time to unpack our suitcases. 


The Rock'n Rose Room was designed by the Finnish musician Remu Aaltonen. Most people know him from the band Hurriganes. While designing the rock-themed room, he was given a free hand to do what ever he wanted. Part of the profit from the Rock'n Rose Room will go to the HelsinkiMission project which is fighting against the social exclusion of young people. So while staying in this room, you are also doing something good!

The true attraction in this room, the Elvis pinball, is so loud that I fully understand why this room is on the cellar level. On the other hand, when the pinball machine is off, it is dead quiet there. We don't hear any sounds from other guests. The windows of the room face the road so you can watch people walking by. However, if you plan to walk around naked, don't forget to close the curtains! The Coffee maker on the table is brewing and the smell of fresh coffee fills the room. I have to say that we enjoyed our time in this room. 


The Radisson Blu Aleksanteri is located in Helsinki's Punavuori neighborhood, close to many attractions and services. This boutique hotel wants to give people a distinctive hotel experience and home-like atmosphere. We love it that it is seems very tranquil in this place. It is nice to come in from the streets of the hectic capital city. The hotel buildings have a long history, since they are over 100 years old, and there are two buildings from two different decades.


I have always been a big breakfast lover, so I would like the hotel breakfast to have something unique or new. So many hotels just offer the same menu and a lot of processed foods. This time, there was plenty of good stuff to choose from! And it's always nice to go to a breakfast when there is somebody greeting you and asking whether we would like to have coffee or tea. The small things speak volumes! A stylish coffee thermos was brought to our table and we felt right at home. The buffet had many traditional breakfast foods, but also some new and fresh ideas. The breakfast chef was there to make omelettes which I absolutely loved!



We were also asked to check out the "Wish Fridge" in the lobby. "What an excellent idea! Why haven't I seen this anywhere else?" I thought. The fridge is available 24/7, and it contains items that previous customers had wished for. In fact, there is a note on the fridge where you can leave your wishes. This time there were some salads, sandwiches, baked goods, fresh fruits, juice, and some Magnum ice cream in the freezer. Mmmm... so of course we had to have some!

The Wish Fridge is included with all the business rooms and for others it can be added for a small fee. The hotel also treats its customers with a small coffee moment between 5 and 7 pm. Unfortunately we missed the afternoon coffee since we were outside. 


So many good things to say about our stay at the Radisson Blu Aleksanteri, but we truly felt this way and it is not always the case. If you read my blog a couple weeks ago, you might have noticed that we have also experienced slightly less flattering hotel stays. Kudos to Radisson Blu and the staff for making our stay so nice! We also enjoyed the fact that we could walk to so many places from the hotel, like the Temppeliaukio Church for example, which I have always wanted to visit. But more about that next time!