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Quick Stop at Naantali Spa Hotel

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Quick Stop at Naantali Spa Hotel

Paula Gaston

Our road trip in Finland came into it's last destination when we drove from Turku to Naantali. We had driven from my hometown Kokkola to Heinävesi, and visited the Valamo Monastery, and from there to a summer cottage in Rääkkylä. We saw Nightwish exhibition at Kitee, travelled to Vyborg, Russia via Saimaa canal, and spent a day in Porvoo. Then we drove to Helsinki where we stayed in famous Rock'n Rose Room in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri and visited Temple Square Church. Finally we visited Turku we tested a Turku Food Walk cards as well as Kakolanmäki Museum. And now to Naantali...

*Our trip was made possible by Naantali Spa Hotel, but as always, all opinions are my own.

In Naantali our main destination was the Moomin World which is an amusement park based on a Finnish kid's character Moomin. Naantali is a beautiful town with a lot to see, but this time we had promised to our daughter that she will get to meet the Moomins. We stayed in Naantali Spa Hotel which also offers many things to do. It's definitely a resort where one can spend a whole day without having to exit the premises. Many of the customers seemed to be families who left to visit the Moomin World for a day, but at least we would have been perfectly happy just staying at the spa and other hotel areas.  

The shopping area reminded me a bit of a taking a cruise

The shopping area reminded me a bit of a taking a cruise

Free kids activities and play rooms were all over the resort

Free kids activities and play rooms were all over the resort


Our room was in the main building, and it was very clean and spacious. On this trip we loved rooms with some space since our baby had just learned how to crawl. And we also had an access to a balcony which was nice. A fun little detail in this room was a door bell. How many times have you seen one in a hotel? Of course our daughter had to ring the bell everytime we arrived back to our room. 


If you travel with some Moomin fans or with kids, you should ask for the Stroy Theme rooms which are decorated with plenty of Moomin products.


When you stay the night in the spa hotel, you get to walk from your room to the spa in your robe. They even had robes for kids which I thought was super cute. We didn't take the baby swimming this time, even though it was allowed in the spa. She is still so small that she is perfectly happy in a bath tub and this way we didn't have rush out of the pool. So we took turns in swimming.

The spa department was clean and pretty plain looking. I pictured in my minds a tropical place with some palm trees and plants, but the pool area reminded me more of ancient Greece. We mostly stayed in a regular pool practising swimming but of course we dipped into all of them. I think the highlight of the spa area was the pool which continues outside of the building. I always love to finish my time in spa in a hot jacuzzi, and so we did this time too. And like many times after swimming, we were starving when we got back into our room.  



We were pleasantly surprised that our spa day ended with a great restaurant experience. After swimming we were very hungry and we chose one of the restaurants at the cellar; TK's (Tammikellari). All the three waiters we spoke to were very friendly and so professional that I was very impressed. Also the food was delicious and we got it quite fast. I chose a traditional Fish and Chips portion but I think my husband's food won with it's unique presentation. It was Roasted Scampi, Mussels and New Potatoes. They also had a great kid's menu and our daughter chose a pizza with cold smoked salmon on top. Wow, they did not skimp with the fish. I just had to taste some! 

TK's was our choice also because it is open very late. It closes at mid night so that way you can enjoy the spa area as long as it is open. 


They did have some other nice restaurant as well. For example their thai place was still open but we figured that it might be too spicy for kids. Thai Garden in Naantali Spa Hotel is the only thai place in Finland which have gotten an Select recognition due to it's authentic food with good quality. 

We also enjoyed the way the breakfast was organised in Naantali Spa. It was served in Le Soleil restaurant which was very spacious. It was also very clean there even though the morning must of been quite busy for them. With the space I don't mean that they had tons of empty tables. The restaurant was just very spacious and there were a lot of free space to walk around and find your favorite foods. So we ended our visit with full stomachs and headed back to our room to pack.


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