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Our Thanksgiving Trip to Nevada and Utah

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Our Thanksgiving Trip to Nevada and Utah

Paula Gaston

Our latest trip is now finished and we have arrived back to California. Our final souvenir from the trip was the stomach flu that first hit the baby and then me, so it has been a little quiet here in the blog, and on instagram as well. On our way back home from Utah we stopped in Nevada for one night, and that was when the baby started vomiting. It was like a flashback from our trip to Highway 1 few years ago, when I had to stay up all night with our older daughter due to the norovirus. Luckily, this time the bug wasn’t so bad, and we were able to continue our drive the next day. No one else felt sick. But when we arrived home the baby got a fever and I started feeling very worn out.

Here is the route of our road trip:


Sounds quite disturbing, right? But actually it was not like that at all. Our trip was great. We were happy to leave the smokey Bay Area behind us and breath some fresh, clean air. Our first stop was the city of Mojave where we spend the night. It was the first place to see blue skies again since the smoke had spread all over the Central Valley. The next morning we headed towards Death Valley, and on our way there, we stopped at the Manzanar internment camp where Japanese people were held during World War II. After visiting both; Manzanar and Death Valley, we drove to Las Vegas were we spent two days.

Las Vegas is always fun, even with kids, but at the same time it is tiring and surreal. But we enjoyed staying in one spot for more than just one night and being able to unpack our bags a bit. While in Vegas, we always end up walking a lot since we like to see different things the hotels put on display. And so we did this time too; we ended up walking the Strip almost from one end to the other.


Then it was time to leave Vegas behind and head to the Colorado River to see the Hoover Dam. Before getting there, we stopped at Lake Mead which is part of the National Park System in the USA. Hoover Dam is right at the border of Arizona and Nevada, so just by walking to other side of the dam, you can change states and turn your clock forward or backwards one hour. Hoover Dam was pretty amazing and I am not surprised that it is the most famous dam in the USA. This was our first time visiting.


From the Hoover Dam we drove over to Utah. Before getting to Utah, you are actually in Arizona for a time. Our first place to stop in Utah was the city of St. George, where we stayed the night at 7 Wives Inn. We all know about Utah’s polygamist history, and our bed & breakfast has an interesting story. 7 Wives Inn was really lovely and I will tell you more about it later. In the morning we packed our bags in the car again, and drove up to Cedar Breaks National Monument. We spent a day enjoying some brisk mountain air and snow, and then stayed the night in Cedar City.


From Cedar City we drove to Vineyard to meet some family. We got to enjoy Thanksgiving with them, and spent time with cousins and great gramma. Three days went fast and right when it started snowing, we left for our long drive back home. This time we took the northern route via I-80 to Nevada and then on to California. We drove along the Great Salt Lake and then to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats where we stopped for some photos and lunch.


After spending the night in Winnemucca in Nevada there was only the last leg of out journey remaining. That was the most boring drive on this trip so far, since there is not much to see in Nevada. At some point we did see some wild horses. When we finally reached the Sierra Nevada mountains, the views really started to change. Beautiful mountains and lots of snow!

Even though it is always great to be on the road, we really enjoy returning home too. Last week the Bay Area got some rain and the air quality is good again. Also the wild fires have been tamed which is great news. The next challenge will be mud slides or flooding caused by the rains. But we are happy to be home and getting ready for Christmas!