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My Favourite Places - The Hawaiian Islands

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My Favourite Places - The Hawaiian Islands

Paula Gaston

All these pictures are from my Instagram account. You can follow me @paulagaston

I believe that a person can have multiple favourite places. All travel destinations are unique in some ways and people like different things about them. We live in quite a destination ourselves; California! Still I dream about going back to places like Greece or the national parks in Utah. But if I could choose right now where to go, I would jump into a plane going to Hawaii. Ever since I visited there for the first time, I keep wanting to go back. We are lucky that we live relatively close by, about an five hour flight away. But the time is still limited, and I want to visit my home country Finland as often as I can. Still I think about Hawaii pretty often!



The Hawaiian Islands are an archipelago located in the North Pacific Ocean, and are one of the 50 states of the USA. There are eight main islands in Hawaii and the biggest of them is the island of Hawaii aka the Big Island. The financial center of Hawaii is the island of Oahu where the state capital, Honolulu is. Oahu is known for its colourful history and for the military base of Pearl Harbor. One of the most popular travel destinations is also Maui, which has rich nature and beautiful beaches. 

I have not been able to visit all the islands of Hawaii, but I have been told many times, that each island is unique. Therefore, I would love to visit as many as I can. 

why I like hawaii

In Hawaii I am mostly intrigued by the nature. One can see rugged lava fields right next to a tropical paradise. Water in the ocean is always warm, and one can swim with colourful fish and mantarays. The bravest ones can books a diving trip with whales. While snorkeling, one is likely to see sea turtles, and little crabs are running around everywhere. The corals are unbelievable beautiful!

While in Hawaii, we have visited a living volcano, a green sand beach and a rain forest. There are about 1400 plant species in Hawaii that you can not find anywhere else. Only on the Big Island itself, among the tropical climate there are over ten other climates as well, so you can imagine how versatile nature is. An interesting fact is also that there are no snakes on the Hawaiian Islands!

I find Polynesian culture exciting and interesting. We usually try to find a restaurant serving some local dishes, and at least Luau parties usually have local food. I also like to watch traditional dances and get familiar with local traditions. It is nice to meet locals who can tell about their life on the islands. The Hawaiian language sounds a little like my native language Finnish, and the words are easy to pronounce. We usually also tour around some historical places and national parks. That way we get the idea of how life has changed over the years. 

The Californian dream is to retire to Hawaii. I don't think it is our dream, even though we sometimes do joke about it. Hawaii is the most expensive place in the United States to live in, even more expensive than California, and we would go even further away from my home country Finland. There are also several threats in Hawaii that I wouldn't like. They get hurricanes and tsunamis in the islands, and there is some toxic gas from the volcanoes called vog. But I will not give up on Hawaii as my vacation spot! I must go back soon again! Aloha!