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My Different Kind of Blogging Month

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My Different Kind of Blogging Month

Paula Gaston

It has been a little slow here on the blog lately since our days are spent waiting at this point. We are waiting for our new baby to arrive at any moment in the next two weeks. Part of the day I feel kind of uncomfortable and can't concentrate, so it is hard to write anything. And then there are also the normal daily activities.   

Our little girl is starting school at the end of this month, so we have fully dedicated this month to family. The kindergarten in the US starts at the age of 5. We have not received a school schedule, but I did find a supply list from the school website. Kindergarten in our city is only half a day (which works great now that I am going to be home with a baby) but there are two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There are too many kids in the city compared to schools. The supply list is a wish list from the school about the things they hope families will donate to the class; paper, pens, glue sticks, Kleenex, folders and so on.

For this week we booked a traditional summer camp for our little girl which gave me a little break. Many kids in the United States participate in summer camps while school is out since their parents are working. For us, it was more like a fun activity while the pregnant mom needed some rest. This camp is only a half a day and they have had all kinds of activities. Usually these camps are not very cheap and I often wonder how expensive it would be to send multiple kids on summer camps for the whole summer.

A couple weeks ago my awesome ex colleagues organized a surprise Baby Shower for me. I was wondering why my husband so eagerly wanted to take me to a brunch on Sunday morning, but I am always happy to have a good breakfast. While we were eating, our house had gone through a make over and all my good friends were there. I can only say that I am very lucky to have friends like that! 

And now we are just waiting!