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Missing Home This Summer

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Missing Home This Summer

Paula Gaston

All these pictures are from my Instagram account. You can follow me @paulagaston

When you live abroad you are likely to have moments when you miss your home country. For me that mostly happens during summertime when everyone is posting pictures of the summer in Finland. Lakes, ice cream cones, blueberry pies and pictures of nightless nights. And believe me or not, I also miss a real thunder storm which people have been talking about recently. We don't really get a lot of them here in California.

Unfortunately, this summer we had to skip our trip to Finland. But I am already dreaming about next summer. I have read about many interesting places there that I would like to visit when I get a chance. I really wonder why I never went to these places when I was still living in Finland. It isn't before you have already moved, that you realise that you never visited the cool places of your childhood hometown or near it. I think we need more than just one trip to visit all these places. 

Last summer I spent some time mostly in my home town Kokkola where all the pictures above are from. The old town in Kokkola, Neristan, is very nice during the summer and you can sit by the ocean and look at the midnight sun. The picture on the right is from Evijärvi lake. I would love to dip into it this summer; it beats the pool anytime!

I also spent some time at our friend's house in the city of Vaasa. It used to be my home for 3 years when I was doing my bachelor's degree. I can't understand that even then I had not visited the Old Town Vasa ruins, the church or Söderfjärden. Next time, when my american husband visits Finland, I will be sure to take him here. 


Then we drove up north to a town called Kemi to meet my relatives. There is always something fun going on in this town. Kids can drive a pedal car and learn traffic rules at a traffic park for free, and get their very own junior driver's license. Santa Claus had just opened an office downtown and was inviting all the kids over. Santa lives in Finland you know. On our way back home, we stopped at Ylivieska where they were grieving the loss of their church, which was burned down by an arsonist. It was pretty touching. 

All this used to be so close to me when I was living in Finland. After moving abroad, I realised how many places there were in my home country that I had never seen. It's almost like you take them for granted, since they have always been there. I hope we are able to travel back to Finland soon and go visit some beautiful places there!

Do you leave abroad? How often do you get to visit home?