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Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

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Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

Paula Gaston

On our last trip to Japan, we also visited the local Legoland. Legoland Discovery Center is located on the island of Odaiba, at the Tokyo Beach Island Mall where we also visited the Trick Art Museum. Both of the places were quite small, so it was possible to visit them in the same day. Getting to Odaiba is easy when you take the local train, and there is so much to do for families with kids.

I was surprised that the Legoland seemed to be very small. I have never been to the original Legoland in Denmark, or the one in San Diego, California, but I always thought that these were big outside parks. The one in Tokyo was indoors and it didn't take long to walk through. It wasn't until later that I realised, that Legoland and Legoland Discovery Center are two different things. There actually was a "real" Legoland in Japan too, in the city of Nagoya.


So the Legoland Discovery Center was indoors. The tour started in a "Miniland" where we saw all the cool sites we had just seen on our visit to Tokyo. After Miniland there was a movie running, but we decided to skip it since we wanted stay active. We continued to a factory tour where we learned how legos are made. We also did a couple rides which were fun. Unfortunately they were the only rides they had! The rest of our visit we dedicated to playing. Our daughter enjoyed the play area, and there were several areas to built legos too. She tried the karaoke and made some friends while playing. 

Shibuya Crossing  which we saw just few days before. 

Shibuya Crossing which we saw just few days before. 

The lit building in the front is  Nijo Castle  which we visited in Kyoto. 

The lit building in the front is Nijo Castle which we visited in Kyoto. 


After a while we moved down stairs to "City Train World". We saw many warning signs saying that once down stairs, we would not be able to return. This was a little confusing since we didn't know how big the downstairs area would be. Did we spend enough time up stairs or should we stay longer? We had no idea, but we decided to see what was downstairs, since we were starting to get a little tired. "City Train World" was a room with different kinds of train related legos, and it didn't take us long to move on. The tour ended at the souvenir shop. 

Overall I think that the Legoland Discovery Center was a little bit disappointing. Or maybe I was just expecting too much, as I thought I was in an actual Legoland. If you are planning to visit this place, you should consider getting tickets beforehand online, since they are cheaper that way. There is a cafeteria inside the discovery center, however we ate at the mall where they had more to choose from. There is so much to do for kids and families at this mall. 


Legoland Discovery Center can be found from: Odaiba 1-6-1 Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall 3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 135-0091, Japan.