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The Snowy Lake Arrowhead Village in Southern California

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The Snowy Lake Arrowhead Village in Southern California

Paula Gaston

While visiting in California you might have drank some water called Arrowhead. We have a box of these bottles in our garage in the event of an earthquake. But while drinking water you might not always think where it comes from. Well, the Arrowhead spring is located in the San Bernardino mountains, close to Arrowhead reservoir. Lake Arrowhead is a popular holiday destination, especially for those living close to the Los Angeles area. We stopped by on our Christmas trip just for one day. Lake Arrowhead Village is a cute little mountain village basically in the middle of nowhere. I am not surprised that so many people like it so much.


They started developing Lake Arrowhead to be a recreational destination in 1920’s when the name was changed from Little Bear Valley to Lake Arrowhead Village. I am thinking that the old name must come from Big Bear Lake which is also close by, but the new name comes from the hot springs which according to old Indian legend are in the nearby forest. Their name was Arrowhead. Many Hollywood stars bought vacation homes in Lake Arrowhead and they even filmed some movies there. Today, there are 12,500 people living at Lake Arrowhead.

People come to Lake Arrowhead for vacationing and to enjoy the outdoors. You can golf, water ski and hike there. An old paddlewheel boat will take you to the lake to see how beautiful it is. In the winter time there is some snow in the mountains and the ski resorts close by will open up. The whole village has been built to resemble an Alpine village, and it is sometimes called the “Alps of Southern California. Over 4 million people visit the area every year.


There are many shops, cafes and restaurants in the village center. We walked around for a while and bought some hot chocolate and coffee, since it was a chilly day. Our daughter did the merry-go-round at the end of the walk way, while I took some photos of the lake. It must be very pretty on a sunny day, since even now it was nice. You can see many huge vacation houses or mansions on the lake. Right when we planned to head back home, it started snowing. Slowly the little white snow flakes hit the ground and our kids were excited of course. For once, we almost had a white Christmas!


On the way back home from the mountain we saw a gorgeous sunset. We just had to pull over and take some photos of it, and just sit there for a while enjoying it.


Until next time enjoy these beautiful mountain views!