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Konijänkä Zoo in Finnish Lapland

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Konijänkä Zoo in Finnish Lapland

Paula Gaston

On the fourth day of our stay in Lapland we visited Konijänkä farm and zoo. Their website promised that there would lot of things to for the kids and the weather wasn't too cold either. A great chance to spend some time outdoors.

We expected to see some traditional Finnish farm animals and of course some beautiful reindeer. But in addition to that, Konijänkä also has a mixture of exotic animals and an indoor area with birds, rodents, turtles and snakes. One of the main attractions is a giant camel who greeted us by walking to the fence. It was kind of hilarious to see this desert animal in a the middle of the snow. It is something you would least expect to see here. Kids loved the little piggies and a cow who liked to be petted. Turkeys walked around freely on the snow and also the alpacas were cute. Behind the zoo they had a court for horse back riding lessons.

The indoor area reminded me of a pet store. And for some reason, I kind of felt like boas and other snakes didn't fit into this place. We were wondering where are all the Finnish animals and are these exotic animals there just to attract Finnish travelers? What about the foreigners? I wonder if they feel the same way I did. Anyway, the kids were happy to see any animals at all and they spent the most time with guineapigs, cats and ferrets.

Unfortunately our vision of a beautiful herd of reindeer didn't come true in this place. The reindeer that they had in the front yard didn't have horns and they had halters on. Before the reindeer sleigh ride, the farmer ran after the reindeer to catch it in front of all the people and it looked quite comical. I'm not sure if it is such a good idea to show that to all the visitors. Reindeer or horse sleigh rides around the farm were 15€ per person, which in my opinion was a little much for that short of a ride. After paying 12€ admission to the zoo and seeing the poor reindeer chased around, we ended up skipping the ride. Instead we headed to the cafeteria for lunch. The variety of food was not huge but we did enjoy the Lappish hospitality and their reindeer soup. It was very tasty!