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Good Byes to Great Gramma at Snow Canyon, Utah

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Good Byes to Great Gramma at Snow Canyon, Utah

Paula Gaston

It’s finally time to update some travel news from our road trip to Utah and Arizona. Our schedule on trips is usually pretty busy, and I don’t want to use my time by being at my laptop. This time I at least managed to post some travel photos along the road from Nevada. The main reason for our trip was to meet some relatives in St. George, Utah, and take our Great Gramma’s ashes to the mountains as she wished. We met some of the family for dinner on Friday night, and then headed to Snow Canyon State Park the next day.


I had never heard of Snow Canyon before this, but it was amazingly beautiful, like most parks of Utah. All the sandstone looked so red in the sun. After getting our group together we headed out to find a peaceful place between the rocks. Some spring flowers were blooming, and there were also some greener areas with trees here and there. One couldn’t get a more beautiful resting place than this, and I hope our kids got a nice memory of the day.


While the day was starting to get hotter we still decided to hike a little more, and see some other areas at the park. We found Petrified Sand Dunes Trail and followed it since it sounded interesting. A long time ago, the winds blew some sand to this area which later condensed into rocks. It is called Navajo Sandstone, referring to the Navajo Indians who used to live on these lands. If you look at the stone hills further away, they actually do look like sand dunes. From closer, one could see how the wind and erosion has carved all kinds of lines and marks on them. They reminded me a lot of Checkerboard Mesa in Zion National Park.

Snow Canyon in Utah

Snow Canyon in Utah


The trail was pretty easy and all the kids walking with us had fun jumping on the rocks. It wasn’t too difficult to climb up or down the dunes even for kids, though more difficult with a toddler in a carrier backpack. When we got up on one of the dunes, the red sand stone was spread out as far as we could see. We also found an area with small round rocks formed by erosion. Nature is so amazing and we are lucky to be able to enjoy it this way!


Even though the day was a little bit emotional, we enjoyed visiting Snow Canyon State Park. We were happy that we were able to be there with the rest of the family. We don’t get to see them that often. And we were happy that we got so many beautiful memories from this day that will always remind us of Great Gramma!