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Friends from My Travels

Travelblog Gone with the Wine

Travelblog and lifestyleblog. Life under the Californian sun - Gone with the Wine. Trips, food and wine from all over the world. Solo and family adventures.

Friends from My Travels

Paula Gaston

It is the morning of Valentine's Day. I sit in our kitchen with a coffee and a bagel, and look outside from the window. I wonder why it feels like Valentine's Day has lost it's meaning a little bit. Commercialism, junk and over pricing: That is American Valentine's Day. It all started right after Christmas. And everyone is bored of it already!

This morning I have already walked my daughter to Kindergarten where they have a Valentine's Day's party. With a quick look it looked like my daughter might have been the only one with some self-made Valentine's Day cards for her classmates. Some seem to have Shopkins or Spiderman cards based on the latest hit products, which come with a lollipop or with chocolate. And since this is Silicon Valley, I would be surprised if those were the only gifts they get. I was sure this was coming, so at least we had some Valentine's Day pencils to add to the cards. Why do we parents do this to our kids?

Last year my husband and I decided that we wont be going to a Valentine's Day dinner on the actual day. The restaurants are full, they have special menus with double prices and the waiters are too busy. Last year we went out for dinner a day before, and today we are planning to get some thai food from one of our favorite restaurants. Instead of the fancy dinners, I get happy from cards or messages I get from my friends from all over the world. That is the best thing!


Many of my friends I have actually met on my travels, and my husband too. And with most of my good friends, I have been traveling together. My best memories are from those trips. There are so many different places in my photo album: sunny trips to Southern Europe, horse racing trips to Sweden and France, a study trip to Sweden, a prize trip to Turkey, a last minute trip to Egypt and a summer job in the US. From that summer, I still have many good friends both in the US and Europe. And even if we don't always keep in touch, when we meet again we will continue where we left off. And that is a true friendship! It means much more than chocolate in a velvet box or candle light dinners!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!