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Back to Hawai'i

Paula Gaston

Here we go again. A new adventure started on Saturday morning at the San Jose Mineta airport in California, before 5 am. After a week of work, we were a little bit tired but we did manage to get up, get the luggage and the child in the car and head to the airport. That is how we started our vacation in Hawai'i. 

We flew with American Airlines to Los Angeles, and then from there to Kailua-Kona, the Big Island. AA is usually not my first choice but this time we used some points to pay the trip, so we had no other choice. That is also why we had this extra layover at LAX. 

In my opinion, LAX can sometimes be a little confusing. This time we felt like it was more than just a little. We were surprised to learn, that our domestic flight was departing from the international terminal which meant that we had less than an hour's time to switch terminals. Signs at the airport seemed to be exceptionally bad. We took a bus to terminal 4 (nowhere it said that this is the international terminal we were told to go), and walked in circles for a while. Finally someone told us how to get to the actual gate area. When there, we did not find the departure board. Again, we had to ask someone. First we thought, maybe they just don't have those boards, but no, they were up on the ceiling. We just didn't realise they could be so high up. We got to the gate right when the boarding started, and even to the right airplane. For a moment we were not sure about that since our gate actually said Hong Kong. It seemed to confuse other passangers also, not just us. 

Due to a mechanical failure, our flight was delayed for 40 minutes, but we were pleasantly surprised that the aircraft seemed to be relatively new. Everyone got their own tv monitors and the service was great. At least our flight back home would be a direct flight to San Jose. 

Hawai'i has a three hour time difference from California, and 13 hours to Finland where I am originally from. At 3.30 pm we were already at the hotel beach after having some lunch in the hotel restaurant. I think we even had the first Mai Tais for this trip at that time. It was about 79F. All we needed to change into swimsuits and enjoy the sun, and plan our upcoming vacation.