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Travelblogger Paula Gaston Gone with the Wine

Read who is behind the Gone with the Wine blog and how did this travel blog start. 


Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Paula and I am originally from Finland. I have always worked in the hospitality industry and loved traveling. I have also always been ready to back my bags and explore the world. 

In 2011 I moved to the United States, got married and started a new life in California. I started blogging so that my family could read about my life on the other side of the Atlantic. After a while, I noticed that I had a lot of readers, and my blog started to be more and more about my travels. So then I started Gone with the Wine, my travel blog. I was first brought to the USA by my studies in wine tourism, so I named the blog after that. At that time I was only blogging in Finnish. In 2015 I switched my blog under my own domain, and now, in 2016, I am ready to blog in English. 

My travels and my blog are highly affected by other important things in my life, such as being a mom and my job. I try to include a family point of view on my travel tips. When traveling, I often include my favourite hobbies, such as horseback riding, hiking, good food and wine. I hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures! Welcome on board!



Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and based on my experiences. I do not update articles after they are published, so I can not guarantee that all the information on this blog is still up to date. All the photos on this website are original and the property of Paula Gaston (unless otherwise stated). If you would like to use my photos, please ask permission first. Collaboration with any organisation or company, will be separately mentioned in the article.